July 23, 2016

what two Weeks of "No Exercise" did to me?

Been relatively busy at work during the last two weeks and I thought of giving myself a "break" from the exercises. Perhaps I'll have more time to rest and do my work.

But here's what I realized in these two weeks after spending much of my week on running and workout previously.

Taking a "break"

Feeling lazier

This could probably be due to the extra times that I have and how my body reacted without any need to exercise or to push myself.

For the last two weeks, I couldn't really find myself to do other stuff after a long day of work. Of course, the heavy workload could be the reason but I tend to "switch off" when I got everything done without my exercise.

Tired and sluggish

I think the two goes hand-in-hand. I felt tired easily without any form of exercise. Sluggish that's for sure. Of course, I don't feel the sore like I did after I did some extreme workout but my body feels a lot slower.

Poor choice of diet

Instead of thinking "healthy", I was thinking like a busy man who always claim not to have time for exercise or to think about a good diet. I have been eating a lot of fast food during this period because it's fast and easy.

Probably the fact that I didn't hit the gym or workout, I don't feel so much of the need to maintain a good diet.

Bad at handling stress

I think this is one very important part that I've learned. During this time when I got certain issues, I became more agitated easier. Probably there isn't a room for me to destress and let things go, unlike when I was exercising.

The stress also linked to how I handle my emotion.

Doesn't feel so good about myself

Without the exercise, I don't have the "feel good factor". I'm not sure if it's what some people called as dopamine. But I'm not as confident as when I was in my exercise routine.

July 12, 2016

The calories problem in the fast-paced world

The other day after finishing my 10.55km in one hour, I felt great and motivated but when I looked at the calories that I was burn, about 780 calories and the food that I take, it really tells me the problems we are facing in our "developed" and fast-paced world today.

I have friends who told me that spending time running is difficult because of the hectic work they are in. Totally understood but when you look at the simple math here, then we see a big issue.

Most of us have difficult to adjust time for exercise and we also eat out a lot today given our busy lifestyle.

So, here's what we normally go for.

Hawker food, restaurants, fast foods, coffee place, cafes....and here are some of the food calories that I found on the internet.

Fast food and their calories

In McD, the burgers are probably about 790 calories, subway - 760 calories, KFC, something bout 560 calories, burger king around 1,360 calories, Pizza (1,640 calories for 4 slices), Starbucks' Dark berry mocha frap around 561 calories, Dunkin DOnuts about 479 calories.

Here are just some rough numbers but if you compared that to the 780 calories that I burn from running 60 minutes for about 10.5km/hr, it is nothing. 

Simple math would tell me that I could easily add up the calories that I have burn.

The point here is this: we are living in a world where everything seems to be urgent, fast and important that we end up neglecting the most important part of our lives, our health.

Here are a list of foods that appear to have rather low calories.

I think it's a good reminder to us of how important exercise is, even if it's just Seven Minutes or spending 30 minutes running, hitting the gym etc. Playing sports could also be great for both social and exercise. I have friends who opt for hiking which is really great. The important thing is about doing it.

July 03, 2016

Weekend Coffee - The Good Batch

Today I went for a dinner and coffee session at this place, The Good Batch, somewhere in Damansara Uptown with Yen Leng.

It is not the most grand place but we thought of trying something new.

I remembered people sharing with me about Starbucks coffee being expensive at about RM12 per cup...

But it's not like these ones are any cheaper. I had a cappuccino at RM12 but it's also at a much smaller size.

Of course, price aside, it's not that bad.


They call this food the "Angmoh" but it really ain't something worth RM29.

Here are the drinks:

Overall, it's really quite okay but not the best place to chill and hangout nonetheless. 

For the price, I could easily find other better place.

But I still have a great night.

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