November 01, 2014

Taiwan Vacation: Departure Day


Our flight to Taiwan was at around 6pm but we went to the KLIA2 airport quite early. Here is a snapshot before we took off from our condo in KL.

My brother and I
Upon arrival, I helped them to take a photo as well.

My family and YenLeng

I also bump into May Kee who was also travelling to Vietnam. We even managed to take a snapshot at the KLIA2 Airport. 

Before the take off, we took a photos of all our passport with the air ticket.

All our passport

Play with my smartphone in the airport, taking some snapshots as well.

While waiting

The airplane ready to take off

We arrived at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport at about 10.35pm. 

Taiwan TaoYuan International Airport

Upon Arrival

After checking out at the Immigration counter and getting our luggage, it was already about 11pm. Our driver cum tour guide, Uncle Yang was already waiting for us at the arrival hall, holding up a tag “Nicole Lau Yen Leng”.

After listening to his advice, we decide to apply for the prepaid sim card for data plan the next day since there was a long queue at the airport.

Since only my mom and sister had their dinner during the flight, Uncle Yang brought us to one of the 7-11 while on the way to our hotel. From what my brother told me about Taiwan, there are a lot of 7-11s in the country and I was about to find that out myself in this vacation.

We bought some instant noodles, most of them are the ones that we didn’t see in Malaysia. We reached Benz Hotel (夜宿中壢) at about 11.45pm. We were all tired but were glad to have a goodnight rest. Benz Hotel was a low budget hotel and for the price we paid, I felt it was worth it, especially since we don't have the data plan that night. The WiFi's speed was pretty good....quite impressive for a low budget hotel.

Anyway, there wasn’t much that we could do since it was already late but this was about to be the start of an exciting Taiwan vacation for my family, my girlfriend and myself.

October 22, 2014

Air Cond Servicing and Gas Refilling

Today, my brother and I spent RM460 for air cond servicing and gas refilling. It's the amount of money that we used for 3 aircond service.

Initially I saw a good deal from LivingSocial that cost RM200 but I could not make any appointment with the merchant. It was a horrible experience and I intend to ask for a refund for it. Lousy service and no commitment to communicate with the customers. Even Living Social was not quick to respond to problems like this. I'm so disappointed. 

Anyway, YenLeng's uncle knew this guy who helped with aircond service and gas refilling that could come today itself. I need to get it done today because my family and I will be going to Taiwan and the aircond inside my tenant's room no longer has any gas.

One of it is in my tenant's room, another in the master room and another one in the living room.

Anyway, after the service, the aircond definitely feels cooler and nicer.

Hopefully the RM460 is worth the money.

October 19, 2014

RELAX & Drink Tea

Have you ever felt tired of work, socializing, meeting people, doing things...and you just wanted that peace of mind, to relax and get away from internet, from RELAX.

If you are in the modern world, it is likely that you don't get away from emails, whatsapp, twitters, news updates etc...and sometimes, all of that just need to stop. At least for a brief moment.

And this is how I think one should do it. RELAX & Drink Tea. 

RELAX & Drink Tea

I am normally a coffee person, but I always find I take coffee in order to focus and concentrate on work, but when I drink tea, I tend to loosen up, rest and let my mind hibernate. 

Anyway, I purposely bought the Early Grey Lavender from BIG in Publika. I even bought the Mug & Tea Infuser as well.

The Earl Grey Lavender

Yo-Yo Set: Mug & Tea Infuser

the tea sachets

The tea was very nice and the aroma of it was simply amazing. The scent of lavender was something that I appreciate. It's authentic and has the sweet floral fragrance of the lavender. With the beautiful scent of lavender, it helps to bring out the taste of tea. I felt that tea base could be a little strong for people like my girlfriend but I totally enjoyed it.

The quality of the muslin sachet is also top notch. There isn't any tea leaf that managed to pass through it. Something that I appreciate it a lot as it gives a smooth sensation when one drink the tea. 

Overall, a great tea for relaxation.

#RELAX & Drink Tea

#RELAX & Drink Tea!

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