Christmas is a season of hope and love.

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"How true will this Christmas be to you?"

As Christmas approach nearly closer everyday, I almost find myself questioning the meaning behind this beautiful celebration. Looking back at how Christmas has been for me throughout the last few years, I believe it is more important to come to see how far I have fallen from what I believe that the spirit of Christmas should be. has this look like for some of us? It is always easy to put the blame on others for the struggles that we have to go through yet it is almost certain that we are only running away from admitting that a big part of us is a "mess up" as well. Some friendship might need to be start renewed....some relationship in the family that might seem to be running on low gear need some effort from us once again. It is not about being "superman" in everything that we do but it is about the willingness to be part of the lives of those who can no longer look to us eye to eye anymore.

I am a Christian and yet I know that there is much to learn from the non-Christians. If Christmas is another celebration that is to distinguish the "Christian" and "non-Christian" community once again, I believe we have failed to capture that heart of Jesus.

I thank God for "SANTA CLAUS" for it is a story about giving and it involves people from every races and beliefs.

Some Christians may asked...."What about Jesus then?"

Probably it is not about how many times we share about the love of God but it is about the reflection of God's love in the lives of ours.
Again, this journey has not come to an much more that is needed to be understood...what about your Christmas reflection?
Hopefully your reflection would give me a better insight so that this Christmas would be a celebration of love indeed.

Your comment is much matter how the perspectives may differ, it is a quest to seek a HIGHER BEING...

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  1. you went for todays sermon ah? the answer should be there. thats what i feel. its peter goh that preached. eugene's father. if you din go then try asking him for his sermon notes.



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