December 06, 2007

an end for some stories while a beginning for some others...

A good friend of mine, one I would call my brother was just having a short conversation with me through MSN and he was asking me about blog and to be very honest, it's been months since I blog and my mind seems to be so occupied with so many things all at the same time that I don't really know how to put those thoughts into words.
Anyway I decided it's time to just post new stuff into a new blog. Haha!
My Form 6 journey has come to an end eventually and it's probably the start of something new for me and many of my friends. To be honest, I'm not sure what's next but I knew there is a dream in a young teenage boy back in 2001, who decided to make a difference in this world, to bring a hope to some in little ways. That lil boy's dream has not fade away though many things have changed. Life is no longer about being in church, leading a worship band, teaching a is also not just about studying but it's a new phase in life.
There were times that this lil boy...oops...not a lil boy anymore...this young man who looked into the mirror and wonder if he were still the same person he used to be.
Some people thought of him as lost while some believed it's only a phase of reflection.
He knew the old story has come to an end....a new one has to be started somewhere and sometime around and that sometime around is now.
Let the new thing start....this could be the start of something new...something beautiful....

Things of the past will not come's time to face the reality....

A new phase....maturing through the storms....

A new road full of uncertainty but I'm more than eager to walk through this new path.

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