Liverpool 0:1 Man Utd

The Liverpool vs Man Utd final score certainly relieved many Red Devils' fan while at the same time broke Reds' fans heart. I'm a Man Utd fan and certainly glad with the outcome of the match. Though Liverpool look more dangerous than Man U during the match in the first half with more attempt on goal, but goal from Tevez is enough to separate both teams.

anderson in action...

the goal that separate the best from the rest...

the celebration...

And the scoreline in a football match is determine by goals and not attempt on goal. The results will not only raise the team's morale and confidence but at the same time ensure that Man Utd still at the right track for their Premier League glory once again. I'm really looking forward to see Man Utd at the top of the Premier League table next year. :)

Well, for the team that is not good enough for the title...

oops....don't be's okay to lose to the champion....

pictures credited to: soccernet

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  1. haha.. gota admit liverpool has not been up2expectation.. so much for the hype bout FT being able to do d job..
    tho he scored a superb goal against chelski(plus the fact that it is his 1st, n against all teams)..but, who's ben haim compared to ferdinand man?..
    nways, do look forward to c dem improve again.. we'l c wat happens at anfield, n wat wil happen to porstmouth.. God bless.. YNWA


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