WHERE ARE THE miracles? Could it be in small letters??

A friend (Evon) requested me to post something about "miracles" and I felt that it is good since Christmas has just passed a few days ago and New Year is about to come. Probably a good way to welcome 2008 is to write something about miracles.
Some people believe that miracles only happen to those who believe them. Maybe and maybe not.
Probably one of the most famous quotes on miracles is once said by C.S Lewis, a great author (wrote the Chronicles of Narnia)...."Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see."

I once learned this while improving on my English....

"If you look out of your window and into the world, you will see that everywhere is a story and miracles are happening everyday if you keep your mind wide open."

It may be a devastating year for some of us. It could be that everything is going to the wrong side for some of us at the moment. It might never be easy to let go off certain things in our lives and as 2008 arrive, we are afraid of yet another year of "disaster". But let us not just look at our story so personally that we neglected other stories that are link to ours.

Miracles are not something that wait to happen but a collection of hardwork and perseverance.
If miracles don't seem to be happening in your life, think again about what is expected of that miracles in you. So much more is about what I want....so much more is there than the successful story seen in the world.

Has miracle gone missing?? Write a story today...write your story today and you will learn to see miracles in small letters...

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