you went for todays sermon ah? the answer should be there. thats what i feel. its peter goh that preached. eugene's father. if you din go then try asking him for his sermon notes.

This was a short comment that was written to me the other day.
To be honest I did not ask for the sermon notes. Well, I did not ask for the sermon notes. I am not sure if it is a positive or negative statement yet I just wanted to say a simple thank you for that comment as it really help me to put aside my "bias" opinion about church sermons. It is a struggle all the more when one already have a set of perspectives which is firm and solid.
I cannot say I am truly honest in my seeking with some questions and answers formed at the back of my head yet I believe it is a genuine effort and continuous seeking in those questions that I asked.

I am not sure if some Christians would agreed with my agreement to the "Santa Claus" promotion as I felt it is what include even non-Christians into this celebration. In no way that I am saying "Santa Claus is coming to town" is something real or not....what I am saying is the heart of that image of love and giving...the very heart of the faith of Christianity...hope and salvation for the poor, for the children who do not have enough to eat...who do not have the chance to receive a present from their parents....
Hope and Salvation extend further and beyond the question of Heaven and Hell....and let this Christmas be one that we truly embrace, by allowing that spirit of love and generosity flow towards people around us. People different from us, be it from perspective or culture or even religion.

I just want to put a short message here to my family and friends....(names are not seems to take the rest of the blog if I were to name them) guys have been special to me, though some of us might have different views....I just want to say that this journey would not have been so meaningful without any of you. Some of us might have even uttered words that hurt one another yet I pray that through this Christmas, our bonds will be closer. It is definitely not a one time thing and that's it. I believe it is a continuous love and learning everyday...wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS here...lots of love, KIANHIN

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  1. if i'm not mistaken, christmas is the season of giving and forgiving and some even believe,when miracles can happen..although i never exactly had a memorable christmas, i'll certainly continue to hope to experience one..haha..hope u had a great christmas this yr..=)


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