First day of tuition...

Giving my first class to two students today. Well, Form 5 Mathematics...guess I still remember a lot of it. In fact getting started was not that difficult either. It is more like remembering your "first love". Haha!
Well, time flies when one is busy and when I was teaching today, I was not even aware that I taught longer than I was supposed to. Anyway it was a good lesson I guess.
I am going to give the Add Maths class beginning tomorrow and hopefully the lessons would be able to help my friends.
Guess that is about my job...loL! (too bad...I'm lazy to be a promoter or that sort jobs.)
Evon, I don't have an experience to share being in the office working from 9-5. so this is part of what I have been doing lately. Will be sharing more on what is going on in my life besides blogging...

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  1. hey bro,good to hear ur teaching well..ur earning better money than next yumcha session is on u k..btw could u reread my 2nd post and then answer the question in a comment? maths is ur 'first love' la..i noe first love is hard to forget...haha happy teaching..good luck for ur add maths class


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