Been a while since I plan people's birthday....tired as usual. Anyway, just wanna tell you that I love you bro!
Well, to be honest, there is so much frustration in planning stuff sometimes and it usually made you feel tired and even sucks....yet at the end of all of it, I'm glad that we had a great time together, bro!
I did not know how to express myself anymore, not even with this blog. Probably it came to a point that so many things become so private...so much of the "frustration" stuck within. I love it the way "CONFESSION OF PAIN" was being shown. As much as it might be a bit bored and the progress is a bit taking too long, yet it carries so much meaning in it.
So much for the good guy to bear....or maybe there actually isn't any good guy.
Anyway, throughout the process of getting over the disappointment left behind once, I felt that there isn't any difference in any of the roads I'm taking.
I guess it was one of the most meaningful time to celebrate people's birthday and being able to say...."Hey! We've been through all these through the year..."
The feelings sometimes unbearable....and it only point many to one direction.....moving on seems like a bad idea, holding on seems like one full of shit....so what choice is left behind?
I won't said I can think of it...better alternative?? kinda empty at the moment...maybe celebration...but what sort of celebration? Inclusive? Exclusive? How to differentiate it? Love...what if someone replied that with "HEY!! You didn't do this...you didn't do that..."
Can't help it but was totally turn off by Benita's statement...

All the shits that is going on in my life...yet so much more has to be taken as priority. Was it because I'm becoming more selfish or was it because I'm not following the rules of the game?

The world is fake...everyone know that.
The question mark would be what about you and me?

How is a celebration look like?
Growing into adulthood seems to be accepting "reality" as part of your life.

Well anyway Samuel, growing into 20 adi...the first among the rest of us to leave the "teen" years.
Hope that even as the world turns out to be a shit, you will still carry that aroma of love, humility and sincerity. No heroes needed...just normal human who would accept the shits in life and try to make a little bit better out of those shits.

Sorry for the shits in this post.

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  1. hey thanks for d time and effort u put in for a somewhat 'shitty' fren lk me...love ya bro...it's ok man, what haven't we gone thru? okay lar...u hv a good rest k! =) thx thx thx


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