OLD THOUGHTS...still relevant today???

I just saw some of the sms I sent to Samuel ages ago in his handphone...and I realized that some of those thoughts are still very much relevant to me today so decided to post it here....

I realize how easy to forget what love reali is when i try 2 love those around me. it took a sincere approach to face the ugly side of ourselves n i'm glad to have a community to go through with me.


A selfish thought came upon me as i struggled with time. the celebration and effort for others. sometimes i wonder if there are any real frenz beside u all. the quest seem to b full of void. in the present past is only memory that can't b recovered while future only images of uncertainty. the muddled world suck us all into the system that define what is real and good. what a quest full of futility. where do i stand in all these mess or am i a part of the mess?


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