FAITH in does it looks like?

It made me wonder the other day when Aunty Lindy asked me this question: "well you do believe in Jesus, right?"
Honestly I do not have any problem about people asking me in such a way. But the question that pop up in my mind is this
"how does it look like for me to have faith in Jesus? To have faith in God."
Do I go around asking people to believe and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, or do I engage in the lives of those around me and learn to accept their culture and perspective?
Just the other day, my friend told me of his conversation with another friend and how there is always a tendency for us to have the final say in a conversation.
Well...was thinking some time to relook at a look of things...friendship, God, spirituality, faith and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus if I am a Christian. And what do I mean to say that a Christian goes to Heaven and a non-Christian to Hell?

I have a lot of new perspective yet finding it all the more difficult to put into words...which makes me believe that faith in God sometimes require me to be quiet and listen to voices around me and understand them.

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