One more week to go and I will stop working in the accounting firm. The firm was nice actually and I think I have a great connection with the people there in some ways but really, I must admit that I can't stand the long hours there. 8.30 in the morning until 5.30 evening is too taxing for me.
Anyway just some of the experience there....honestly I thank God for the opportunity to be able to work in this place under a Malay lady as I learned some stuff from her. It really made me realize that racism brought from childhood is what disconnect people from other beliefs and races. I find myself being a good friend with her, just like the many Chinese friends that I have, and she helped me lots as well. We had great conversation together as well, talking about her married life and some of the Islamic stuff as I asked her about it.
Although we might have different beliefs and even understanding on politics, I find this conversation as an opportunities to share our values...for me to truly be sincere in being a friend, I find it all the more easier to accept her perspectives.
Besides about my working life, I find myself needing to acknowledge some of my weaknesses and the honesty towards myself make me look at others as much as the same as me, equal or sometimes even better and though that thought could be intimidating at times, I felt it create a new me, which is more accepting and gracious.
My relationship is good, and is slowly progressing, which is what I really learn and slowly develop this relationship. It is always easy to get romantic and forget about the reality but to face the reality of this world, and learn to love those around you is what gonna make you grow up.
Btw, for my friend, Weng Chuan, sorry for not writing down the essay. I spent some hours into thinking but really couldn't crack anything out. Anyway hope that you will be able to get into the university that you wanna go into. All the best on the road ahead!
Guess that is all for now....hope this will keep you guys updated. Sorry for the long delay on the updates...was really busy with stuff.

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