God Help The Outcasts

I was listening to the songs I used to practice for the school drama, Hunchback of Notre Dame. Really, this disney movie has never really been my favourite but I realize that this song kept coming into my head lately.

Maybe I too am praying the same prayer!


  1. Yes, I was very touched by the lyrics of this song, too, so much so that I used to play this on my piano almost every day!

    Updates from me, eh? Well, my final exams are coming. I've still got a field-trip tomorrow to Temengor Dam. I've still got two tests coming up soon and a piano performance for the Raja Muda of Perak on Monday. That pretty much sums up my future updates, haha.

    Basically, my life has been anything but free and dull. Even if you were to find me in Ipoh, I wouldn't be able to talk to you for long. However, if you do find me around on June or July, do stop me and have a chat with me, yeah?

  2. I also feel the same for the song. Keep up your blog bro!


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