Rereading my old BLOG

I was reading my previous blog...the one in BLOGGER as well. Surprisingly I find that I'm quite creative at words also actually. Just read through the KianHin-ish language posting.
I am in the mood to play the same old game.
I was just listening to some old song and that sort of mood just come back. Evon, it's all your fault. Haha! Nah...I like that sort of feeling once a while...
I'm rather bloggish lately....reading blogs and updatingish my bloggy. That day while shopping for Liang Hin's present, we went to some shops that sell bags. Addie mentioned about laptop using the word "Lappy". Rather girlish right? But it made to the list. It actually reminded me of Angie a lil when I started reading back my old blogs and the Ishhi...words but in a way I must be able to bring myself to do things that I used to do with her. All the more now that I have a FANTASTIC girlfriend (Yen Leng), I don't really bothered by the past.
I no longer spend much time with "insensitive jerk" nowadays. (IJ).
People that do too much of "hypocritical blah blah"....
Well, I am rather get myself into my favourish bloggy....
can't wait for the Red Devils to play tonight though....(football again...I shall rename it as footish.)
Anyway enough of lesson for today.
I like the way the book TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE put it...."we have to recreate a new culture surrounding us."
A new culture that chill all the way....

Nothing much better to do...but I'm bored, also happy!

I don't really like to take photo...but heck! It's gonna take some effort to try everything once a while right? nO harM trying....=P

and not to forget my new PET....Cj7

They're looking sad coz i'm leaving them behind to watch futball!!

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  1. hey, its not my fault..i found that song on ur blog so it all goes back to u...and i seriously think ungu's song n lyrics is super nice...haha...since when u had cj7 pets..god they're cute..haha..i want care..=)


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