Being a teacher in SAM TET

I have never expected myself to be in Sam Tet but I will be teaching in this school for at least 1 month. Not bad huh?
Anyway here are some of the experiences in Sam Tet.
When I was first in the school, I was made to sit in the library (poor me!) Anyway it was here that I realized heck! My English is darn good. No offence but I guess the Form 6 students in Sam Tet need to focus on their English. Anyway I'm always bias when it comes to school.
Nevertheless, I met a good teacher...only manage to know her surname...Mrs Lee. A history teacher and coincidentally she knew of my previous History teacher in St. Michael, Puan Hing.
Well, I am glad for her as really, it's hard to click with in a friendly way.
As for the students, I only replace 2 teachers today and I am enjoying the relationship I have with these bunch of students. Hopefully through this new atmosphere and platform, I will learn more.


  1. hey...i'm anticipating more of ur sam tet can a 'banana' like u survive sheer chinese atmosphere..write more yea..will continue to look out for ur stories...haha...enjoy ur job n d income...dun forget my treat after ur all loaded..haha..=)take care bro..

  2. hey the above comment was from me...ter-put anonymous n dunno how to


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