Being a teacher (Part 2) and other random thoughts

After spending about one week in Sam Tet, I am sort of get used to being there, as in I know what is it that I have to do. I must admit that being in the classrooms are better than the staff room although the staff room is where I have my break. (while standing and teach, really kinda tiring.)
Anyway, I am enjoying the relationship I have with some of the students....especially those from 4Sc6. Of course, the art class students are funny as well but some are kinda rebellion and noisy. Anyway I enjoyed the process of learning with the students together. I was telling my students to speak to me in English as I could not speak to them in Mandarin...I'm a BANANA...loL!
Well, the students understand that although some of them are very weak in English as well. So I told them that they could speak to me in English and Cantonese...but Cantonese only when no other teachers are around....haha! (Chinese school don't allow the students to speak Cantonese)
The other day while I was looking for materials to teach English, I was really fed up with the teachers as none of them really assist me. Finally I have to opt to use my own materials...(the system is not good, no wonder the students don't really like the teachers)
I met some of my friends in Sam Tet again...Adrian Ewe, Gavin and Ryan. Not bad as I taught some of their classes. Anyway I even gave away my email address to the 4Sc6 students. Well, they were great and though noisy and lazy at times, I felt that these students are students full of energy and life.
I was thinking about the title for this post and about to put it as a BANANA life in Sam Tet but I realized that what the heck! I should stop categorizing people...these new found experience in Sam Tet is really teaching me to value and embrace the differences and weakness of another living being.
Well, I still have about a month to go in Sam Tet....I'll be looking forward to entering those classes. (although it is kinda tiring as waking up at 6 am all the way to night bout 12 is no easy work)
Okay...enough of the first week experience as a teacher.

I was in church today when some of the old songs that I used to love to sing was sung....LORD LIGHT A FIRE AGAIN.
OMG! This time I sing with a different perspectives in my mind. Anyway I was thinking about the perspective of VICTORY, GOODNESS, BLESSINGS, RICH and RIGHTEOUSNESS.
I sent a message to two friends that day saying that in order to be rich, it is really difficult to be good. I still think that being rich is important and yet, I felt the more important thing to ask is what is it that I would give up in order to achieve this dream.
Will I stop being a blessing to people who are in need?
Will I look at others as NONE of MY BUSINESS??
I was singing songs today when the picture of the CROSS came to my mind...not an image of victory as many expected nevertheless that was how Jesus chose to do it.
I talked about being the disciples of God and I believe it is important to see how the picture of GOODNESS, BLESSING and VICTORY in the lives of Jesus. I must said that probably if we were to really walk the way of Jesus, we would not be able to live a single day and yet despite of that failure, God is using mankind over the many many years.

I was feeling rather disgusted at the way some people prayed:

Lord God...I prayed that Lord God you will Lord God bless this family and that Lord God....

Did you talk to your friend or someone above you that way...

Example: Kian Hin, could you please Hin Kian borrow the book for Kian Hin me during the examination....

No! Real conversation don't come in such a way...the same goes with prayer.
It is rather fake that kind of stop being religious but being earnest about this whole "relationship with God" kind of concept. I am not seeing the picture of LOVE in a clear and very certain way but yet I felt this is the time to be asking GOD to light a fire again in us. Not a fire to kill, or to go to war, or to be religious but the fire that help us see what it means to be His children.

Guess so much more questions are left unanswered....hahaha! which is why we are all on a journey, never a destination til the day we said GOODBYE to this Earth. Probably it would do good for us to sit back and have a cup of coffee while some conversations so that we would see the whole meaning of life in a better perspective.

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