I am only a small part

I just finished watching the movie "Vantage Point" with my family at home, and it made me wonder how much connection are there really in reality?
I remembered how I first went to church and how perspectives change for me from then on. How minor things can be of such significance in one's life. And how most of us think of our world as the central of everything and yet, it really could be just a small part.
I am beginning to look at this life as a movie. None of us are big enough to be cast as the main actor/actress. We are only minor characters, small parts of a BIG PROJECT. Which none of us know what the heck it is for.
Probably the more important thing is to grasp the connection between creations.
One story linking to the other...how impossible to see it from naked eyes.
How complication link to simplicity....don't really know how to put what is inside at the moment into words. Depressed in some ways....sad in certain point...joyous in other stories...and yet all of these are just a small part. A small part...

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