Infernal Affairs

I was looking thru the dvds I have and decided to rewatch Infernal Affairs (Mou Gan Dou).
I can't help but to praise the actors and directors every time I watch it again. Andy Lau and Tony Leong especially.
Honestly I like the way the whole movie went about. And how Sammi Cheng came in about her ideas on a story. That a person has 28 characters and everyday waking up pretending to be another character all the time. I believe most of us are the same, me included. That so often we carry ourselves in a way that really isn't us. But an image that will seek approval and popularity. While many might not be agreeing on this, but my sincere observation would be that all mankind carry a mask with them, with some better than the rest.
Anyhow relooking at my own life, I've seen the drama that I used to play as well. Which I believe all human beings are part of. But I felt that it was all part of growth...part of life. And to be sincere in our lives, it takes more than just what the cool advertisement might be telling you. "Be yourself" or bla bla bla. Because the fact is that our characters are even image produced out of Hollywood, storybooks, novels, and education.

Maybe the true identity within us is not really static, and indeed life is a stage. The moment where we play our role best, where no one else can take our place. A stage of performance...a performance for the invisible AUDIENCE.
So if you ever think of someone else as hypocrite, the honest answer is that none of us are really far from that.

Just when I was writing about the mask we wore, it reminds me of a quotation from V for Vendetta.
Gordon says:

You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it.

Cheers to the director of Mou Gan Dou!!
Cheers to the actors in the movie!
Cheers for the actors and actresses of this world!
The stage is opening is curtain for my generation's scene.

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