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I was reading again today. Probably too much time in school...haha! now reread a book I bought for quite a while ago...Fear and Trembling, by Soren Kierkegaard. Really am in awe reading such book. I was only at page 50 + and I felt like giving up.
Anyway, I just thought of leaving behind something interesting I read in the book today before I forgot.

Faith is therefore no aesthetic emotion, but something far higher, exactly because it presupposes resignation; it is not the immediate inclination of the heart but the paradox of existence. Thus that a young girl in the face of all difficulties rests assured that her desire will be fulfilled in no way means that her certainty is that of faith, even if she has been brought up by Christian family, and perharps one who always consult the pastors. She is convinced in all her childlike simplicity and innocence. This assurance too ennobles her nature and gives her a preternatural dimension, so that like a worker of wonders she can charm the finite power of existence and make even stones weep, while the other in her distraction she can just as well run to Herod as to Pilate and move the whole world with her pleas. Her conviction is ever so lovable, and one can learn much from her, but one thing one does not learn from her, how to make movements. Her certainty does not dare look the impossibility in the eye in the pain of resignation. I can see then that it require strength and energy and freedom of spirit to make the infinite movement of resignation; I can also see that it can be done.

There are a lot of other explanation before these statement. I believe that through this reading, I've learned to see that faith is not about just believing and believing. But more than that...beyond that. A giant leap of faith...that according to what Kierkegaard said.

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