A sense of purpose

I have met a lot of people who are doing good works for them to feel some sense of purpose. And no doubt about that, almost everyone eventually have their own agenda. Be it in terms of social network, a good reputation, earning profit or etc.
And even when I am saying all these, I might just be the same.
A sense of purpose is what gives meaning to life.
I look at my own life and I wonder what is that sense of purpose?
I was very active in church in my Youth and in the Christian community, most people aim to "convert people" and "service to God in church" is probably what gives meaning to those people. From prayer meeting, youth meeting, evangelism programme, outreach programme, church carol, worship team to leadership meeting...I was involved in all of these and most people are there because they felt that they are doing something good for God. And that makes them feel good. I read Kei Fai's blog yesterday and I must agreed with him that most Christians will not admit that it was church involvement that deprive them of their time with studies and to a certain extend, even with the family.
I hope that my readers will not think of me as anti-Christians nor a pro-Christians because I am neither. I am a Christian. I still go to church because it is this community that I started this whole faith thing. And yup, it makes sense to me still although not entirely. The other day, Addie was asking me where did I get my strength to still be going church and seriously, it is not that tiring when I realized that it is a time that I worship God in a Christian culture with my family members as well as the people that I might disagree with.
Probably it was the grace that a good friend (Liang Hin) once shown to me that teach me about grace.
I only hope that a genuine dialogue would be started among people of different ideas and perspectives and what the heck! There is not a need to get a great answers. Even people that have a lot in common might have a lot of differences if more time is spent on talking about those differences. And lately, I'm beginning to enjoy listening to those "other thoughts".
Well, of course I must admit that I couldn't tahan people who think they're right all the time although at times I might be behaving the same way....hypocrite? Yup! I guess we are all hypocrites to a certain extend. And here is where grace comes in to me. Anyway I'm enjoying the way I live my life now....a sense of purpose? I'm totally feeling it with the people around me and yah...there were times that I was hoping to have my own time but then again, when I was down, it was these very people that cheer me up once more.
Thank God for family members!
Thank God for friends!

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