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It has been a while since I post anything on the Knights Templar and really, I was thinking of putting that subject to rest when I read of this book "The TEMPLAR Legacy", written by Steve Berry. An author unknown to me. This was probably due to the time I have in Sam Tet because the students are now having their examination.
Well, anyway the usual story line, talking about Knights Templar and the hidden mystery and treasure...bla bla bla....haha! It was not really the story that impress me but the conclusion of the book that made me post it here.


I have stayed silent, thinking it is better for others to preserve a record. Yet none has come forward. So this has been written so that you will know what happened.
The man Jesus spent many years spreading his message throughout the land of Judea and Galilee. I was the first of his followers, but our number grew since many believed his words possessed great meaning. We traveled with him, watching as he eased suffering, brought hope and stirred salvation. He was always himself no matter the day or event. If the masses lauded him, he faced them. When hostility surrounded him, he showed no rage or fear. What others thought of him, said or did never affected him. He said once, " All of us bear God's image. All of us are worthy to be loved. All can grow in the spirit of God.".......................................................But in his travels that man Jesus made enemies. The elders find him a threat.....so it happened that Jesus was arrested for blasphemy and Pilate decreed that he should ascend the cross. I was there day and Pilate drew no joy from the decision, but the elders demanded justice and Pilate could not deny them. In Jerusalem, Jesus and six others were taken to a place on the hill and bound by thongs to the cross....the man Jesus was allowed to linger until the third, when his legs were finally broken. I, and the others who followed him, hid away, afraid that we might be next........our grief continue to torment us. The man Jesus was gone. His voice was silent. The elders survived and their message lived. Not because they were right. But simply because they were living and still speaking. The elders had triumphed over Jesus. But how could something so good be wrong? Why would God allowed such good to disappear? Summer ended and the feast of Tabernacle came, which was a time to celebrate the joy of harvest. We thought it safe to travel to Jerusalem and take part. Once there, during the procession to the altar, it was read from the Psalms that the Messiah shall not die, but shall live and recount the deeds of the Lord. One of the elders proclaimed that though the Lord has chastened the Messiah sorely, He has not given over him over death. But rather the stone that the builders rejected has become the head of the corner. In the Temple, we listened to readings from Zechariah, which told that one day the Lord would come and living water would flow from Jerusalem and the Lord would become king over all the earth.......The high priests and scribes had judged the man Jesus a fraud. But I knew they were wrong. God did not require obedience to ancient laws in order to achieve salvation. God's love was boundless. The man Jesus had many times said that, and in accepting his death with great courage and dignity, the man Jesus had given us a final lesson. In ending life, we find life. Loving is to be loved. All doubt left me. Grief vanished. Confusion became clarity. The man Jesus was not dead. He was alive. Resurrected within me was the risen Lord. I felt his presence as clear as he once stood beside me. I recalled what he said to me many times. "Simon, if you love me you will find my sheep."

There were parts that I canceled in this chapter...on the confession of Simon Peter, the first disciple of Jesus. The book showed how the characters eventually manage to find the tomb of Jesus. My question is this: "What if Jesus was not here to even prove of his resurrection as a sign of power?"
I knew of many Christians who talk about the fundamental truths....truths that cannot be challenged. And yet I believe it was these very same mentality that lead the Pharisees and the Scribes to persecute the Son of God. Posting this in my blog seems like saying I no longer believe in the resurrection. But all I ever wanted to say through this chapter of the book is that the Biblical story is not about the salvation through faith alone.
I believe it is beyond the Easter story, the Good Friday celebration or even Christmas. No doubt all these celebration in a way helps us to refocus on our faith but let us not fight for the wrong cause but to be able to see beyond the idealistic stories.
I like the way the author put it at the end of the story about the Christian story...making the unbelievable believable. In no way am I denouncing my own faith but a sincere reflection of how poor we have in dealing with disagreement from others over the Jesus story, particularly the Resurrection story.

Okay, enough of the faith stories.....I just wanted to add a posting here to my friends, close buddies especially. Lately, I've been really busy...working (teaching in school and private tuition.) To be honest, I missed the many celebrations that I've been hearing from my friends. Alicia, sorry bout your birthday party. I wish to be there just to say Happy Birthday.
And then there was other times that I have to reject my friends invitation for outings.
Probably some people look at this lifestyle as materialistic but to be honest, money has not yet been my primary objective and I made no attempt to make it be my number 1 priority. But it is just the process of growing up has allowed me to know that it is time for me to be responsible over decisions I made...and to ease the burden from my parents. It is time to be looking at the choices I once made and work towards it....not looking for successful stories but to be able to see the ending of my choice.
My time-table now...erm...morning....wake up at 6.00 a.m...go school, leave school at 1.40. Most days I would be in my grandma's place and then teaching tuition for average about 4 hours a day. Of course there are days I get to off...where I go home and started reading and blogging...and other necessary duties at home. Weekends...mostly spend time with family, girlfriend, meet up with one or two friends plus tuition.
Well, I hope to be able to go through these times and still be a blessing and part of the lives of those around me.

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  1. yeap, sure is tiring day for you almost everyday,seldom see you online lately too..no matter what i am always glad and thankful to have a friend like you..and i will always try yo keep in touch =)..do take care bro!Keep updating your blog so that i will know what is happening too =)=)cheers!


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