Alone, angry...

I was reading some of my "friend's blog" and really, it hurt me more than anything else to see people that could be so close to you at one point of time and the next, forgetting about you entirely.
It made me felt abandoned, alone...after years together. (I know some people probably be guessing who am I talking about but I believe it is someone you won't be guessing.)

A lone ranger...

Anyhow the frustration is there and I did not want to pretend to be strong all the time, because I am not. It seems that "friends" wanted understanding but never seek to understand. (I don't doubt that I could have been the same)
I am not talking about the 'meeting up all the time' for that itself is not connection.
The disappointment is unbearable.

Probably there will be others who felt the same about me.
Memories are so fictional...I am taking this from Thoo's blog. (his title)
I guess sometimes when we looked back, we will see how many times we slapped at those who love us the most...ignoring those who care for us.
Trying to be part of a community to change, but at the end of it, what change is there?
Timothy, Silas and Titus cell? what meaning is left?

I am leaving...leaving behind the memories of pain...moving into a new world, even if it means to walk through it alone.


  1. friends coma and go in our lives and only true friends left their footprints matter how seldom we contact them, we know that deep down, there is someone we could trust and save you when you are never alone bro..I am still here for have been a good friend to me and i wanna be the type of fren that you have been to matter what at least you still have memories of your family and gf who will never leave you although at times you could have been mean to them...take care bro =)

  2. Thx siew wei! You could never understand the joy of reading the comment from you. How it means to me to know that you care for me. I am glad that you and KC are together now. I wish the two of you best of luck ahead...and truly, you've left behind footprints that will not fade away.


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