interview done today...

Today was really tiring. Waking up in the morning to take the bus to Kuala Lumpur for the interview. And only reached Ipoh at close to 8.00 p.m. Anyway I am thankful for both my brother and sister who accompany me for this trip, not to forget that Yen Leng actually volunteered to accompany me but I guess it was better for her to work. (her last 2 days of work)
Okay, about the interview...I think it was great. We were given 45 minutes to write an essay, a group interview and finally a face to face interview.

the building is quite a nice one...=P

I felt that the interviewers were very nice towards us.
About the questions, I better keep it private. =P
Anyway I really think it will be a good start to begin a career in Great Eastern.

Great Eastern Holdings is the largest insurance group in Singapore and Malaysia, with about S$45 billion in assets (as at 6 Aug 2007) and 3 million policyholders. With two successful distribution channels – the tied agency force and bancassurance – it is the market leader in both Singapore and Malaysia.

In addition to its headquarters in Singapore and 29 branches in Malaysia, Great Eastern also has branch offices in Brunei, a subsidiary company in Indonesia and representative offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Great Eastern is a subsidiary of OCBC Bank, Singapore’s longest established local bank with total assets of S$164 billion and a network of over 390 branches and representative offices in 15 countries and territories.

But anyway the results of the interview will only be known later. As for now, I am looking forward for the university entrance results. (it's been a long wait...=P) Besides that, tonight is a match for Italy in EURO 08. It is do or die. Aiks! I hope Italy will be good enough to beat Romania by at least 3 goals.

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  1. hey..all the best to yr scholarship interview..hope u get what u want..


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