the results!!

I know that the IPTA results have been out for some time. But it seems that I am too tired and busy to even update it in my blog. So decided to do so today.
I was wondering what my options are at the moment. To be honest, I still aspire to be an actuary and I already send some questions regarding the professional paper and I realize that no degree is required to take the paper, which is the key to my decision to go ahead with the course in UM.
A lot of my friends seem to be excited about going into university but probably I was rather busy with work which is why the enthusiasm seems to be rather low compared to my friends.

Nevertheless I must said that I am looking forward to it as well.

I also seem to be rather distracted by issues like the Euro 2008 especially since so many are betting on Spain to win Italy. (My support will always be with the Azzuris, the Netherlands might have won them 3 - 0 in the group stage but the Italians are back on form)
Another thing that concern me are those that close to me who failed to enter the local university, or the course that they want.
And of course the financial issues...I felt that I need to be more proactive in generating income and though many felt that I could not cope with the situation in my tertiary education with work as well, I felt that I could be better than the expectations of others. (the pressure pile up!!)

the campus map

And here is some of the information I gained regarding UM...one of it the campus map...

The University Malaya library...
Mon-Fri: 8.00 am to 10.30pm
Sat-Sun: 8.00 am to 4.30pm
Public holidays: closed

This is probably one of the place that I will hang out when I have time...been more captivated at books lately.
At the moment that is what come out of my thought.

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  1. wish u all the best in your life at UM!
    keep in touch!


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