The long wait for the university entrance results

It has been a very long wait since the day I took my STPM results. Waiting for the time to move seems unbearable. Maybe it was these long months of waiting that is making me restless at the moment.

The frustration of waiting seems to be overwhelming at these point. Probably it was anxious and worries as well that made me felt so impatient about waiting. I really wish to know what my NEXT STEP would be, and really...the thought of waiting for another day seems to be too much to take at the moment.

IPTA results will be out by Wednesday according to THE STAR and hopefully it is accurate. I just can't stop looking at the watch every now and then and wonder why the time seems to be stagnant at these point.

Guess I could not stop myself from pouring out the frustration at this point in my blog. (a few more hours of wait...aiks)

Anyway there is still reason for me to rejoice and be happy. Haha! Today Yen Leng brought lunch for me in SAM TET after school. (am very happy to have someone who love me so much...=P)
Guess that is all for now. =P

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