the MALAYsian dilemma?

It was as if the economy was not bad enough, but the Malaysian government has finally made it official that from now on, it will RM2.70 per litre, an incredible amount of raise, up by 40% compare to the previous, RM1.92.
It seems that the INFLATION crisis is not about to end, but it is the BEGINNING of it. My friend was telling me, what is going to left when we come out into the working world...I think "SOLVING PROBLEMS". The Malaysian dilemma now is definitely POVERTY, and it is affecting the middle class citizens as well. I could not imagine those people who stay far away from town and need to drive all the way there, for a salary of about RM800. How will survival look like for them?
Anyway I think it is time to look for better alternative such as CARPOOLING, or CYCLING, or even JOGGING if it is within walking distance. But then again, these increase will also affect economy badly. I wonder what SOLUTION will there be?
I guess we need to be a lil more chill throughout this situation.
I bump into these photos...find it very cute...haha!

suicidal seems a better solution at the moment. (chill la brother! don't die yet!) is not that we are only angry at the fact that the raise has caused so much difficulties in the lives of Malaysians. But beyond that, we don't even have a good public transport for us to take as an alternative. The other time when Mr Lim Guan Eng suggested that the profit from PETRONAS be used for the completion of the bridge in Penang but the Prime Minister said that it is needed for other subsidy such as the petrol. But now it seems that the whole situation is in a mess. I wish to be part of the change in Malaysia and will not be supportive of Tun Dr. Mahathir call for Dato' Seri Abdullah Badawi to step down but there need to be positive results to convince the people. I could not help laughing looking at this photo on our Prime Minister. (it is not that I hate you but there need to be a better solution than all these mess)

The MALAYSIAN dilemma it is be ready to face the days ahead with even more tough times!

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  1. yeah..u r really a good writer, i agree with eugene..yr flow of english is smooth...must learn more fr u..and to do that, must xlink u la... ok, back to yr topic, at the moment, we cannot feel it yet cos its like MY is still in a daze..waiting for something or someone to tow the line first..then they will follow suit.. whatever it is, we consumers hv to prepare ourselves to face the tougher times ahead..


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