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Just bought a new handphone, or more so a PDA.
Introducing HTC P3600i
Basically the new mobile rocks!!

Okay...enough of mobile phone. Lately been very troubled by a few issues yet I knew that I could not just get rid of the problems. At the moment probably is best focus on the things that I could and afford to do...and also to do more than that a little bit everytime, expanding my capacity. That is 'proactive' according to Stephen Covey.
Some of my friends been wondering why my blog ain't updated consistently anymore lately but it was really because of workloads and some of the unspoken thought that kept this blog silent for a few days.
I still find it difficult to talk about any of these with anyone. It is more related to my past...some of my spiritual convictions and how it requires me to be more 'open-minded'.
I was reading emails of how some stories change...and how it hurts at times. To be sincerely loving people around you opens up the opportunity for people to hurt you. Probably that is why I no longer dare to open my heart to people around me. It does not mean that 'friends' no longer play a part in me but I could not shared the struggles with them anymore, no matter how good those people are to me.
That probably includes people closest to me.
Anyway that was all I could said for now...yesterday just have a sort of reunion with my classmates...here is one snapshot of the moment.

not ready yet...

now we are ready!!

My story goes back to me at 13...
  • an introvert looking for a community to be part of
  • found CGBC, Liang Hin and Co.
  • the departure in 2007 from the Youth Group
  • new circle of friends in St. Michael
  • STPM exam...stress moment
  • results....
  • IPTA now...farewell

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  1. Hi Kian Hin,
    While I started with St.Xaviers and ended up in RGBC(Pg)youth during my young days... You went the other way, started with CGBC and ended up in St. Michael..hahaha!


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