the struggle of Malaysians.

It would be ignorance if any Malaysians would said that they are fine with the petrol hike. I was recently reading a few blogs lately regarding the situation now and no doubt about it, we were still being subsidized by 30 cents. The government talk about the market price and all of us would agree with it but then we cannot just talk about it for convenient sake. What about us paying market price for our cars as well?
No doubt it will be a great benefit for the public if the money used to subsidize for petrol is used to improve the public transportation, but the question is that our Deputy Prime Minister had already said this since 2006 but up till today, it seems to be worse at times.
Can the public transport be improved? The government had been comparing our petrol price with Singapore...if that is the case, improve our transportation system as good as theirs if not better.

It is indeed a struggle for all Malaysians at these point and it is sad to hear from the news about how the police giving warning to the public to stay away from demonstration against this petrol hike. I am not trying to encourage all these demonstration but if as a citizens of this nation, we don't have the right to voice our perspectives, it is no longer democracy.
I believe that there need to be a proper channel to voice the thoughts of the Rakyat, but is the plea of the public heard? Many are not just angry because of the price hike, it is not just because of the '78 cents per litre' increase that cause the public to be disappointed with the government but the system in implementing it.
At least provide the public transport which is efficient for the public.

This is the struggles of all Malaysians, be it the Malays, Indians, Chinese or other is a time for Malaysians to start looking at one another as one, to brace through this tough times.

The '30 cents' subsidized would be much appreciated if the system done is accordingly.
No one wants to fight the government for no reasons.
There need to be a willingness to hear and listen to the RAKYAT.
This is the struggle.
This is the moment of change. A wave of change...we will fight this inflation as a Malaysians.

Here is some of the public views in Malaysiakini

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