A day out with Jo Ee, Evon, and Carey

It is just difficult to live in an environment where almost everyone speak Mandarin. I guess that is what "Bananas" feel about it. Yesterday went out with some Michaelians and indeed it is a great experience to just be eating dinner together, window shopping and practically talking all the way.
To some, we might not be adaptable enough to understand the proverb, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."
However I felt that it was because we have strong principles and stands in our own lives which is why we won't simply follow the crowd. For me, to learn Mandarin would be a good experience provided that the people I mix with ain't looking at the language as if it is a superior language. I have no problem at the moment with those contacts from UM at the moment. In a way, I do click quite well with these people as they're funny too. (like some of my old buddies back in St. Michael...Boon Tat, Tuck Yuan and some others.)
Anyway we were talking about creating some logo and slogan to be printed on a T-Shirt..."Say NO to Chinese speaking freaks", "I only speak English", some Bananas' club. Haha!
Well, it is indeed great to be out with these friends and have a good time together once a while. We were planning for a weekly outing but probably I'll opt for a fortnightly outing...(is there such a word actually? Haha!)

Today I called my girlfriend (Yen Leng) to have a short conversation with her. OMG! Though I've been back to Ipoh weekly and spend time with her, she still miss me lots. Like small baby...haha! But I really do love her and will do my best to make her happy.
I realized that I seldom blog about my girlfriend and I felt that I should start doing this more often. Haha! Some friends of mine who saw her photos in my PDA was asking me how I court her and to be honest, I think it is really because of my looks. (ceh wah! Haha! Just kidding...I think probably is my sincerity and my heart for her and the people around my life.)
Some people will be questioning things like "Why do you like her?"
I think it has to start with the fact that she has been a very good friend to people around her lives and I was drawn by the inner beauty...(it is difficult to talk about that in public...loL!)
And yah...her cute cute gesture that always manage to make me laugh.

I guess being away from Ipoh for a few days weekly make me realize how important close friends are to me and how much my family and girlfriend mean to me.
Although I anticipate the working world, I would hope to build a small community in UM...a community with people who would care for the last, least and the lost.

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  1. hey bro
    i am glad that you are still keeping the lasallian spirit in you...to care for the lost the last and the least...i do still read your blog whenever i can=)..take care and yea..u nver post much abt yen leng before..haha


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