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I am sure a lot of you have been wondering why is it that I do not keep my blog updated and alive. There are a few reasons and part of it was because of the connection and partially because of the void I felt in the campus. I knew that I could choose to be active and very much involved in the college and university activities and yet I have chosen to live a "low profile" 3 years in KL.
I felt that before I further elaborate these, it would be best for me to describe a bit of my UM experience. To be honest, the community in UM isn't really that suitable for me, at least I felt it that way.
For some reasons such as:
- Too many Mandarin speaking dudes...not that I anti-Mandarin but I felt that the only way to respect others is to first speak a common language and being in university, it should at least be Malay or English.
- The racial tension is still there...probably this is the reality in this country. Chinese mix together, Indians another group and Malays another group. As for me, no particular group that I mix with.
- The authoritative mentality among the seniors. (not that I was struggling with any as I did not really bother about asking favours from seniors) but a lot of my friends have been talking about their seniors. Some using their power to pikat girls...while some influence others to do things. I felt that these people are just immature to be in university. It would be better off for someone who could only managed one A to be in university than having people with such perspective inside. What sort of education system are we promoting?

Alright...I guess enough of complaints as there are of course good things in UM as well, such as the few buddies I have now. Probably without them, my uni life would be totally just smsing and studying. I have been jogging inside the campus. (running in hilly roads train stamina much better I believe.) and the library is awesome...a lot of good books inside. My faculty is quite far from my residential college and so a lot of traveling at times but I am getting used to it.
And I also know some friends who would be finishing their tutorial...a good situation for me...loL! I can copy...haha!

Besides that the room condition was okay but the toilet...ahem! I shall not comment.

Okay...back to the "low profile" life that I was talking about. I believe being in university and having to travel back to Ipoh weekly will take up much of my time. Plus I'm teaching tuition now so I felt that it would be better to just avoid any activities as it would take up too much of my time. And of course I felt that there really isn't much learning through the activities beside knowing more friends.
Well, I guess at the moment this is all I wanna share.
To my friends: Take care! Love you guys!

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  1. well that is the fact of the world la... every where u go... chinese wil always stay with chinese and malay with malay... u cant change that because that is how they grow up. about the speaking chinese that... no big deal la i bet everyone can speak english ...

    and senior calling the junior to do thing and use their power to pikat girl.... well that is the fact of a working community la... when u go out to work... no one will be good to you...

    try to make fren with christian fren la... i think they are better...


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