recall how friendship grows and moves on for some....

Time flies....another week has gone.
I wonder what useful things that I have done, besides prepare for my mid sem test and taking them. Not that difficult, at least I felt that it was easier that usual.

I am tired, probably due to the work load and pressure I put in for I just decide to lay back and rest a little, reminds me of how friendship looks like for me during the last few years.
In my Primary days, I have this friend whom I'm very close least until Std 2 or somewhere there as I remembered him going to Australia. I only hope one day I might just bump into this friend again and said how much my childhood has been wonderful because of him. After he left, I did not mix well with the rest...probably I am too childish to understand friendship at all.
The first birthday party that I went to is him...Eugene...that's the name...Eugene Leong. If you ask me for the full name, I couldn't recall it as well. But that's how friendship start make sense to me.
(Not to forget my childhood friends in my neighbourhood, Heng Fai, Leong, Loon and many others who are also my relatives.)

Moving into Secondary school, from Form 1 til Form 3, the friends that I am close to is Kei Joe, Jonathan, Jian Yao, Jun Hao, Kok Hwa, Alex(went to USA), and some others. But then I was never close to my school friends, at least not extremely close as in sharing problems...(not the age to do so I guess) but Jian Yao is also the man responsible for bringing me to church.
It's in my secondary days that I mix well with these people until they leave.
These church group people are in the TIMOTHY CELL family.
When I first joined in, I'm a rookie....with people like these who are much my senior. (Kian Lun, Edmond, Xue Nian, Jason, and others.) I must admit I never had the opportunity to know these people as they left a short while after I joined TIMOTHY. It was at these new stage that people like these become more familiar to me, Anne, Sara Ong, Joash, Jonathan Chiam, Petrus.
And not to forget the my cell leader back then, Liang Hin and if I'm not mistaken, Aunty Esther was the leader for a short while when I joined until she shift to another group, with Aunty Lindy coming in instead.

Then TIMOTHY slowly grow....with additional people coming in, Sharon Yee for a while, Yoke Mun, Ally, Keith, Addie(Addie brought a lot of friends in but most of the names I couldn't recall it completely which is why it's missing. sorry for the bad memory), Kah Weng, Samuel Choo, Yoke Kuan, Rocky, Chir Eye, Sze Mei, Kevin Wong, Alicia (shifted from another cell), and the numbers continue to be added on daily...alright, I exaggerate a little here....and it was here that I learn to communicate. (I remembered having people asking me how I converse with people and break the ice....blablabla)

And these circle of friends are what create part of me today, KianHin.

It was the during my Form 4 and 5 that I began to know more people from other cell groups as I was one of the active people in the can see me in prayer group, worship team, cell group, outings, evangelistic...probably it was more like people tend to want to know you when you are "someone", not that I am anyone at the top but at least there are differences that one can see.

Of course my Form 4 and 5 school friends also play crucial role in building up the character in me, especially my communication with the Malays. I find them nice to mix with, friendly and humble. People like Khairul(he sat next to me in Form 5 and I taught him a lot of the subjects and it was fun time learning together), Navaneethan (Form first friend in 4sc4 besides those I already know I guess. He's hardworking but I'm damn good at Add sorry...loL!)...not forgetting Cheon Yuen, Jun Yee, and Au Yong....(the happennig trio in my class) and the basketball player figure, Weng Fai(also my primary school friends actually). Then, there are people like Kumara, William Liew, Chan and Cheng Sai Mun(these people are still close friends of mine....people that I cherish). Kumara and William have been my friends ever since Std 2 if I remembered correctly, and in a way, I have a closer relationship with them.

End of Form 5...a total different scenario...a shift from church to school. Probably the disconnection I went through being part of the leadership team in the church create another me.
At this point, I am only close to Jian Yao, Addie, Samuel Choo, Liang Hin from church. The rest begin to have their own stories....some bid farewell some don't.
It was in this new phase that people like Siew Wei, Kee Cheong, Evon, Kumara, William Liew, Boon Tat, Chee Lupp, Kho Kha, Jessie, Kok San, Sin Hau, Keith Foo, Carey, Yen Leng(my girlfriend now), Guo Jian, Teik Tzuan, Hon Meng, Chip Wai Tien, Pei Yin, Sun Chean(I forgot how to spell his name as I'm used to the cantonese name), and many others from Sc1.

Actually there are more as I do mix with some from other classes as well but if names were to be written then it will not come to an end.
Yes, I miss school life!
Yes, I miss my friends, church friends included.
And yet I know the reality that friendship has its' limit and there will come a time that we all have to say goodbye.
I already experience some happy goodbyes and some not so happy goodbyes.

Today I am moving again...shifting into the working world and though many wonder why so fast want to get into the working world. I couldn't really give a definite answer, at least not at the the moment, I just want to recall of how friendship shape me....


  1. yes, Kian Hin, as we go through life, there are many phases.. the turns and twists that make us wiser as we go along. Some frens come and go too esp in the working line,when we change office, the colleagues will be left behind and we will have new ones. As for me, I m thankful my best fren is still the girl I knew since Form 1 and we still keep in touch daily on phone and meeting up on weekends and normally she slumbers in my house...well, as we go thru life, do treasure friendship with those u feel comfortable with.. be sincere and humble..and Let God do the rest..
    I have another blog for God..haha..
    do visit when u hv time..thanks..

  2. Hi...just visiting... another Ipoh blogger eh! :-) Nice blog u have here.


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