Are we serious for a change?

Not deliberately, perhaps, but have we?

Not setting out to lie and mislead him, but have we, nonetheless?

Have we, you and I, on the one hand, and RPK on the other, been at cross-purposes?

We’ve given him the wrong impression?

Let me try and illustrate the point I’m trying to make.

The setting is perfect.

Music, lighting and all.

Two people look into each others eyes, one declares to the other, ‘I want you tonight’, and the other proclaims ‘Yes, make love to me’, both not quite realising that they don’t quite mean the same thing.

One is in lust mode, the other in love.

No-one’s trying to mislead anyone.

At cross purposes.

Only to be discovered later, probably at the expense of one, when that one is in dire straits.

A bit like RPK and us, perhaps?

RPK exposes one scandal after another, and we urge him on.

‘Malaysia needs you, RPK’, ‘You are our hero, RPK’, ‘We salute you, RPK’…

RPK does not pause to ask, ‘What mean you all by this?’

RPK is threatened with arrest, with detention, with law suits and all and sundry declare solidarity with him.

Check the comments in Malaysia Today!

Check the comments here!

‘We are with you, YM’, ‘We will walk with you all the way, RPK’ and ‘We are praying for you’.

Again, RPK never stopped to ask.

And so I ask now what all this means?

‘We are with you?’

But he’s in detention and we’re all out here!

‘We will walk with you?’

RPK isn’t walking anywhere tonight! He hasn’t been walking anywhere these last 10 days!

‘We are praying for you?’

Yes, and then what?

Do you think he read too much into all these declarations?

And reading too much, he asked of the millions of MT readers for 150,000 signatures for the petition to the Agong in relation to the judiciary, and got 25,700++?

What could we all possibly have meant by these declarations of solidarity and support if the petition demanding his release from ISA detention, now four days old, has garnered 20,463 signatures?

Just what do we mean?

Would we risk losing our liberty in order to secure his? Is that what we mean?

Risk our jobs? Our business? Our families?


Never mind RPK.

Would we risk losing our liberty, our jobs, our business and our families to bring about the changes we want to see in our country?


To one of the posts on our Hartal ISA that is now on standby mode, someone sent in this comment :

‘…if a nationwide hartal is called on a working day, there could be a blanket suspension of leave so those who choose to go may face possible dismissal at work. Much as I want to see change, putting my job on the line with young children to support rattles my nerve. I am sorry if my lack of courage is a dampener to others. I wish I am more brave. For a start, should we go ahead with the strike, can we do it on a Saturday or a public holiday?’

To the individual who sent in this comment, please do not take this as a personal attack. Truly, it is not.

In fact, I thank you for your honesty.

I’m just left wondering if perhaps we haven’t been as forthright with RPK as we all could have been.

This article is taken from

Reading this article help me realize that when we talk about change, we need to take into account that while someone else suffered inside, we're enjoying ourselves outside. Blogging, chatting and hanging out with friends while RPK is being imprisoned.
I must admit that I would not be as bold as to take any steps that could put me into that similar situation. Will I be bold enough to speak up if I were to be expelled from UM if I did? Yes...we're all excited about changes but while some of us only want the benefits of change, some are willing to go the extra mile. I want to be those that will go the extra mile, for Malaysia. Hopefully more will take this article and put some thoughts into it.

Let us not be like those "hypocrites" who talk about 'integrity' so lightly. The same goes with us...let us be real with our words for change.

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