Commitment to fight against "global warming"

Well, it seems that everyday a new problem arises and yes, no doubt about it. Every individual can only play their part in the influence that they could. I too want to play my part in creating a better world. Not that I am doing anything significant but I decided to blog about my contribution against 'global warming' every week so that while others may be gaining ideas, I could invite a bigger community to do it together.

For a start, I will make sure that my two handphones will only be charged when the battery is really low. I realized that a lot of people overcharge their mobile phones. In university, I have a friend who charge his mobile almost 24 hours. This could cut down on electricity as well.

No doubt about that, my job as a private tutor where I drive to my students' place will also contribute to pollution. I am going to plan my trip in a more proper manner so that the next time I travel, it will be a one trip journey. This could save on fuel consumption as well. As for the nearer students, I will walk to their house instead.

At the moment, I'll try my best to be conscious about the environment everyday and remind to the people in my circle of influence.

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  1. Good to meet another environment conscious guy. Let's start saving the earth now


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