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It seems like a torture to be disconnected from the internet. Probably it was because of this, I felt like I am out of touch with the world. And we must all acknowledge that this is the IT world.
Anyway, just as most Malaysians who probably were looking forward for Sept 16, I too was eager to know of the results regarding the new government in Malaysia. It would indeed be a historical moment if it indeed happen on 916. Nevertheless, we must come to face the reality that it is not happening, at least not yet.
Well, whether there be a new government or not, I believe all Malaysians will want to see the nation heading to a positive direction. And maybe the first issue that the government need to deal with is the ISA. No one will want to see Theresa Kok or Raja Petra or even other detainees to suffer without given the proper trials.
Indeed, we need to be thankful to have minister like Zaid who chose to step down as a minister in his stand against ISA. A man with principle and responsibility, I believe Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is a good role model for politicians, that instead of thinking about your own power and money, it is time to realize your responsibilities as a leader.

Here is the article from the Star Online.

I can only salute you, Datuk Zaid for being a man who stand by your word. Indeed, reformation towards the judiciary system in Malaysia could not be done without people like you. You have not fail is only your colleagues who fail you.

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim will not change his mind about quitting as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, saying he has failed to reform the legal system.

He said he constantly met “a brick wall” from Cabinet members and Umno to many of his suggestions for reform.

The former de facto Law Minister, who remains a Senator, added he did not want problems arising from his proposals to plague Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at a time when the latter was grappling with party conflicts and other challenges.

Zaid thanked Abdullah for suggesting he go on leave but said: “I am not tired. I’m just disappointed.”

He said he prayed Abdullah would remain Umno president and Prime Minister and accomplish what he had set out to do.

“I apologise to all Malaysians because of my weaknesses, I have failed,” he said in a 40-minute press conference at his office here yesterday.

“It has not been a mistake to take up the offer,” he stressed.

Asked why he was giving up when he had bluntly told journalists just in May that they should go on fighting for media freedom despite the obstacles over the past 20 years, Zaid said: “Maybe I’m not as courageous as you are. I agree change does take time but I was looking for some positive development to give me assurance.”

He maintained Abdullah had been supportive “within his own constraints.”

Asked whether Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim - if he formed a new Government - would be able to bring reform to the judiciary, Zaid replied: “He hasn’t formed the Government. It doesn’t matter whether the Prime Minister is Abdullah, Datuk Seri Najib (Tun Razak), Tengku Razaleigh (Ham-zah), (Tan Sri) Muyhiddin (Yassin) or Anwar. I don’t care; I just want to see transformation.”

Describing himself as a “man of deep responsibility”, Zaid lamented that in the six months he had been Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, he had suffered accusations of not standing up for Malays and Muslims and other criticisms in Parliament.

Naming Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman as one of his critics, Zaid rebutted :

“You can still be a champion for your race and think of the country.”

He said he tried but had failed to convince those in power to effect changes related to equality as prescribed in the Federal Constitution, so the Government could move forward.

Zaid had tendered his resignation to Abdullah on Monday.

In his letter, he had listed his frustrations in trying to achieve the reforms he had been tasked with doing; the final being the recent arrest of three people under the Internal Security Act.

Asked whether the public should give up on Abdullah’s promise for judicial reform since he - the person specifically tasked with achieving it - had resigned, he replied: “I don’t think everything should be pegged to me. I am not a hero. Someone else might be more acceptable.”

Asked whether he would leave Umno for opposition party PKR, Zaid admitted he had not been “treated well” by Umno - he was even suspended once on charges of money politics.

He said he had not decided on joining “PKR or anybody else,” adding he had not been courted.

Asked whether he had advice for the Government, Zaid said it must start trusting its own people.

“If not, you will always worry which policy benefits which group. You can have a race-based party but you don’t have to be racist bigots,” he said on his last day in office.

Besides the latest news regarding Datuk Zaid stepping down, we also have the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) pulled out of Barisan Nasional after a four-hour supreme council meeting. Indeed although many might say that the political stability in our country is affected because of rumour regarding the takeover and all, but I believe it is time for us to reflect and face the reality that something indeed is very wrong with our government. If we want to fight for a better future for all Malaysians, it is the time now. The time to take our stand. That we want a government that is clean, accountable, transparent, and with integrity.
And that is what BN has failed to show all these years.

Well, I too am tired of reading the same old news...but I believe that many more Malaysians are tired of it as well....we all want to see a change, a change in Malaysia that will push us forward.


  1. kian hin, thanks for yr word of consolation in my blog.. u r at a very young age and already so knowledgeable in current affairs. not only just reading about it, but with a touch of anticipation as well...
    God bless us all especially our country..


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