It's Thursday

It is Thursday again. Yes...I'm excited, happy and looking forward to be going back to Ipoh.
I can't really wait for the time to move on.
I want to go home to my bed, my toilet...yes...I want to have a touch on my computer...I want to see my family, girlfriend, and friends.
But then again, this trip back to Ipoh will be even more hectic. students are going to have their SPM trials soon...yes...I just wanna wish them all the best here!
Hopefully they will catch the trick to score for their Mathematics.
I thought of blogging about them but then come to think of it, I might as well postpone it til I get home and post some pictures along. But then, no matter how hectic is it back at home, it is still home where comfort and strength easily comes to me. (Hehe...=P)

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