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The message is CLEAR!!

I was even more depressed reading the Star Newspaper today. Honestly how I wish our Home Minister, Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar realized that his statement is a "ridicule to our nation".
If only he could read out the articles by Raja Petra Kamaruddin that he said 'could arouse anger among Muslims'. I think that article would only arouse the anger of those who are into corruption and hopefully the Minister himself is not involved.

Referring to reports quoting Seputeh MP Teresa Kok as saying she was served “dog food” while under ISA detention, Syed Hamid said all detention centres had their own standard operating procedures, which were in line with international quality standards. He commented this, "“I was informed she was accorded good treatment and received what she demanded." and I wonder how he himself would feel if he were the one arrested.
Using ISA to such an extend is abusive and taking away the "freedom of speech" in our country. In short, taking our freedom away.
Ahmad Ismail incident which attracts 13 division heads' support for his racial remark, shows, in no-uncertain term, that the injustice has occurred. For someone to use word such as "pendatang" to be walking out free and the other inside Kamunting...Justice has been manipulated.
But there is no point arguing about all these without any actions taken.
I found a blog which has quite a good synchronized action to help RPK as well as to advance the people power for a stronger civil society.

Hopefully more Malaysians will take their stand to fight for their freedom.

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