She is my girlfriend...YenLeng

I'm excited...I'm happy...I'm in love...haha!
I was looking through some of the photos I took with her and really, it doesn't matter what others might comment, but our cute looks surpass all others.

Last two week, I was down with fever and seriously, I was freaking frustrated as I had my mid semester test to go through but I was lucky to have Yen Leng being there for me. Well, she couldn't do much (she's not a doctor after all) but she was with me every night when she's done with her work and her tuition work is like from morning til 6.00p.m. So it must be extra tiring for her and yet she was there, taking care of me. I am touched and yes, I'm even more in love with her.

I just woke up....gosh! I was sick at that time...

And my private doctor...hehe! She was there with me while I tried to get a rest...such lovely girlfriend...hehe!

Taking photo while waiting for church service to start...

Second shot!

This is probably how it looks like for the that the name of a movie?

The HK gangster look...couple from Hung Heng (name of a gangster group in HK)

Face off!!

see...together's a promise!

How did my brother get in the picture? Aiks! Haha! "Lamp post"

We spend a lot of time together, most of the time with my family along as I'm a person who believe that a dating life should goes beyond just "the two person" but it involves people around you. For those of my close buddies, you might wonder why I didn't hang out as much time as I used to with you guys...I just hope you guys will understand that I need my girlfriend to have an ample of time to slowly fit into the group and she needs that time.

It was funny how love can be...before we started the relationship, I was the one that would be doing everything for her but once we're in a relationship, she's always doing her best for me...better than I could do for anyone.
(I'm happy and grateful for the love she shown to gives me the strength to keep going on...and going on stronger each day.)

Days before we start our relationship....

During the school band...

I was thinking of posting more photos but just realize that it's all in the CD...aiks! I guess I'll post it when I have more free time.
Btw, see the cross I bought for's nice! I've got taste!
Love forever, impossible? Think again!


  1. Nice of you to show your love via your blog

  2. walao eh!
    sweet stuffs.
    "I'm Sexcited...I'm happy...I'm in love...haha!"

    just joking
    take care!!


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