Some of you might be tired of reading about politics here. After all, many of us couldn't be bothered. But anyway, couldn't hide some of the frustration that I have.
Anyway I think I ought to blog some of the happenings in my life recently.

Just the other day during the Mooncake Festival, I brought Yen Leng to my grandma's place to celebrate together...

first attempt...suppose to be a love shape...aiks!!

And the second attempt prove that I dunno art...

This one is a star...does it looks like one?

The camera sucks! loL!

I didn't get to celebrate Mooncake Festival with my uni friends as I was back in Ipoh...heard that they have quite a great time there as well.

Besides the Mooncake Festival, I also gotten my mid-semester results for 3 subjects. I'm basically quite proud of myself for doing well since I'm busy travelling and giving tutor for my students.

  • Introductory Probability = 20/20
  • History and Philosophical of Science 33.3/40
  • Calculus 1 - A (they didn't announce the marks)
Well, I've still got my Differential Equation and Linear Algebra 1 results that are yet to come out. Hopefully I still manage an A la.

And I am also busy with the business assignment in UM. Luckily we managed to get the BIG APPLE DONUT, at the very last minute. I was busy doing the business proposal, calling these and that...loL! Boring stuff...hehe...but hopefully can get A for my group members also la.

Here is the blog that my friend is creating for the promotion.

I came back from KL yesterday...hehe! And imagine it, I already have my first class in the morning. Anyway, I'm trying to enjoy teaching as well, so that the work won't be so tiresome for me.

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  1. hey i thought our outing wif gj n bday celebration last week was worth blogging about...haha..write bout it la..something apolitical for a change...=)


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