September 25, 2008

Some of you might be tired of reading about politics here. After all, many of us couldn't be bothered. But anyway, couldn't hide some of the frustration that I have.
Anyway I think I ought to blog some of the happenings in my life recently.

Just the other day during the Mooncake Festival, I brought Yen Leng to my grandma's place to celebrate together...

first attempt...suppose to be a love shape...aiks!!

And the second attempt prove that I dunno art...

This one is a star...does it looks like one?

The camera sucks! loL!

I didn't get to celebrate Mooncake Festival with my uni friends as I was back in Ipoh...heard that they have quite a great time there as well.

Besides the Mooncake Festival, I also gotten my mid-semester results for 3 subjects. I'm basically quite proud of myself for doing well since I'm busy travelling and giving tutor for my students.

  • Introductory Probability = 20/20
  • History and Philosophical of Science 33.3/40
  • Calculus 1 - A (they didn't announce the marks)
Well, I've still got my Differential Equation and Linear Algebra 1 results that are yet to come out. Hopefully I still manage an A la.

And I am also busy with the business assignment in UM. Luckily we managed to get the BIG APPLE DONUT, at the very last minute. I was busy doing the business proposal, calling these and that...loL! Boring stuff...hehe...but hopefully can get A for my group members also la.

Here is the blog that my friend is creating for the promotion.

I came back from KL yesterday...hehe! And imagine it, I already have my first class in the morning. Anyway, I'm trying to enjoy teaching as well, so that the work won't be so tiresome for me.

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  1. hey i thought our outing wif gj n bday celebration last week was worth blogging about...haha..write bout it la..something apolitical for a change...=)


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