I just couldn't help to hide the boredom of studies.
I know next week there will be another two more tests....mid semester test and having also to teach my students especially the Form 5 ones (SPM trials just around the corner) make it worse for me. I felt bored looking at the numbers at times, since I'm studying will be like numbers everyday including my tuition classes.
I am bored, especially during the lecture class. Not that the lecturers are terrible as some of them are really good but it's just that I could not stand the repetition of the definition of these and that.
Aiks....3 more years to go....

Anyway one thing that I love about university is of course the library. Recently I just borrowed two books which is very interesting after finish one of Plato's book...The Republic.
The title of the book is Goodness and Justice and another one by Kierkegaard.
I thought of posting another photo in the blog but then I forgot to bring the cable to connect my mobile into the computer. Therefore only able to get one picture from the internet. It's quite interesting but I must admit that it took my time from my studies. I guess I'll postpone the reading until my test over on the 9th and 10th September.

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