Stupid bus

I was really fed up with Transnasional today and wonder "What stupid bus is this?"
I bought the ticket for 1.30p.m and I only managed to get into the 3.30 bus.
It was a day full of excitement as I thought of going home early to give my girlfriend a surprise as she would reach home at 6 plus after work. But to my despair, I waited for two hours...and yes, it was suppose to be the most efficient bus in our country.
And to make things worse, the workers aren't that friendly and the bus driver told me this...
"Saya tak tau tapi patut ada tempat la. U naik atas tanya la...Hari ini saya puasa...tak mau nanti gaduh pulak."
I'm like "Oh my're fasting so what...I mean I respect that culture and religious practice but fasting doesn't give you the right to stop playing your role as a bus driver and what the heck! I'm a passenger who waited for two hours."
But anyway I was lucky to have Evon going back together with me though she complained more than helping...lOL!
And just as the bus started moving, she was into dream land in seconds. Of course it wasn't long that I fell asleep myself but the trip wasted my day basically.
Anyway I rewarded myself by capturing some of the stupid picture of Evon while she was sleeping and decided to let the world see that as well...wakakaka! I'm evil...I know that! ya!

Oh my God...she's awake and ready to kill me for exposing her photo to the world...loL!

Alright...enough of today's trip...describing about it makes me even more mad.

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