Cameron trip

Exam is next week and I was too busy to get near any of my books.
Being away during the weekend with my family in Cameron and celebrating my birthday with my friends and girlfriend on Monday and Tuesday are wonderful but definitely a REMINDER for me that my exam is just 7 days away.

Excited about the trip!!

The apartment we staying in....

A thumbs up from my bro...

Throughout this trip, it really made me realize how wonderful this family is despite of the fact that there are so much differences among us.
I knew that this sort of trip is like a family gathering for me, with my aunties and uncles joining in and that's what make the trip different, because it's not about having fun, but staying together and doing things together, as a family.

Doing the dancing walk on the road....some crazy family!!

my sister saying Hi to the cameraman, ME!!

The muscleman, my Uncle....

Here's the handsome guy, my bro...

A bit of "SPARTAN'S DANCE" during the walk...

Well, not everyone can dance right?

Reaching our destination, from Tanah Rata to Brinchang...not bad for a group of "lazy ass"...

Some of the places we visit in Cameron

That would be my trip to Cameron....not too exciting but definitely a good place and time to hang out with family.

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