Embrace the memory...

Just the other day, I went out with my Form 6 classmates and no doubt about it, I enjoy the time spent together.

In a way, it remind me of how the friendship has developed in about 1 and a half years.
No doubt about it, with Boon Tat not around, there is something missing in it. Lol! But glad to be seeing Kumara again..and of course Kiean San and Chee Lupp. I seldom see them compared to the rest, which is why I put their names here in my blog.

Well, I hope those friends of mine who read my blog...I love you guys and will embrace this friendship.

The previous weeks, I had a dinner with William for his birthday. Nothing special. Just me, my girlfriend, Evon and him eating in Moven's Peak. Well, it's great to just have some time with close friends, eating and talking about "stuff". And of course, it's great to get to see Guo Jian as he was back. We went "yum cha" at OLD TOWN KOPITIAM and I'm beginning to wonder if there's any other place for us to go actually. Lol! But honestly, I really am happy to have those time together although we were basically just wasting our time, talking....

Well, I really miss those beautiful friendship. I promise to embrace the memory left.

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  1. hi.. so u came back for holidays too? do treasure the friendship now and forever.. most of u will have different paths later on.. God bless..


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