I wanna fuc###### complain of these shits!!


I was feeling rather shitty today.
I have to prepare for the slide presentation for my business project in University Malaya.
Honestly I felt very disappointed with the group I was in. I might say I regretted joining this group instead of those from the same residential college as I.
I am angry and frustrated because most of the time, I have to f#!! do all the shits.
I really do appreciate those who do their part willingly and really, if not for them, I might just give up of the assignment and really, I don't mind not getting an A for it.

Sometimes it really make me wonder if these university students really deserve to be in. I mean they are not responsible, proactive and they don't give a shit to their own part for the assignment.

They want an A but seriously. they don't deserve one. At least for most of them.

I'll tell you what I did for the entire project.
The initial plan was to call Big Apple and I did. Then there were some miscommunication between Big Apple and I, which is why the whole thing was postponed. While we were looking for other products for the project, none of them really give any promising or constructive ideas.
I managed to contact some people for Spritzer POP and all that I asked the Secretary was to type a letter. And guess what, she did not do it at all and then the time was not enough for her to type the simple letter. All she told me was I don't know. And to make it worse, she only tell me when the dateline is drawing closer like never before.
And she was like giving excuses about not able to do the business proposal because she need to type a one page letter. What a stupid ass!

I did the business proposal.
I help to get 51+ orders before the day itself.
I am the one who call back Big Apple. I am the one who ask my friends for transportation. I am also the one who get the bicycle for our delivery services.

So tell me...what the shit that these university students are doing? besides wanting to get the "A" for themselves.
Firstly, most of them will not give any suggestions and when they did, they never try to come out with some solutions as well...only telling me problems and leaving it as it is.

And now I'm going to do the slide and the presentation with another 4 people.

Honestly, I really wonder if all these students only care for their own grades. Come on...if you're smart, you'll still get an A if you are darn busy.
And probably the fact was that they are not.

Next thing that I really wanna complain is that most of the UM idiots love to just leave the water tap running. Their behaviour ain't a reflection of an undergraduate, more like some nasty, selfish ass coming out to town.

And then there were these group of idiots who kept smoking.
I just felt that they didn't realized how much they are actually killing the environment with their stupid cigarettes.

Sometimes I wonder what kind of university is this, with such residents who only think about themselves. And we are not asking them to do anything extraordinary, only doing their small parts. I seriously am disappointed with my university life, although I must admit that there are some good friends in there as well.
Nevertheless, I really do believe that this kind of experience teach me more about the real world and how much it takes to make a difference in this upside down Earth.

I know that these posting is full of words that are not so civilized but I guess the frustration within me prompted me to write out this post.

I hope for those who read this post, you will also think about your part in this Earth and stop thinking about yourself. I am angry at some of them but I felt this posting help me release those anger and hopefully, I will be able to see them eye to eye the next time I see them in university.

I'm not usually against stupid people, but honestly
stupid jerk should just GET LOST!!


  1. well, i do agree with you!!!why cant some people, undergrads use their head more and be a lil more proactive...seriously, i somewhat was annoyed by it too in my group work..well, diff ppl with diff thinkings and some just do not think...and we have to bear with the last and lost and least i guess..hahaha..first time readung such an angry post but there is always a first time =) take care..

  2. hei, cool it..haha! there are poeple who have their own way and time of growing and maturing. and learning..
    chillax.. they'll have their time of realization, sooner.
    it's great that you do.

    i added you on my links.. care to exchange links?


  3. it's sad to say that this happens a lot! same goes with students from where i am currently studying at. some students just can't work responsibly and do their part well. it's like have to egging them on, hushing and pushing them to make them move. so in the end, i had rather do the job than calling them up. no choice. waste my time and energy to wait for them to do their work. > <
    they wanna get A, yes they do. but they want to get an A the easy way. without hard work. they are crazy.

  4. To Siew Wei:
    I believe the frustration within prompt me to write this post, with a bit of rage and frustration. I definitely hope to still make a difference for the last, the least and the lost but I guess that it's not about being the last, least or lost but it's about being irresponsible. Being a Michaelian, I felt the need to continue to champion the spirit of La Sallian but indeed my struggles with these people are purely because of the selfish perspective that these people carry with them.

    To: Kenshin,
    I guess you're right that people have their own timing for maturity. Yet I hope that these group of people will start to realize such selfish act need to be changed. A new perspective need to be set.

    To: Wengq,
    I agreed on the fact that there are times for us to do the job on our own rather than waiting for them. But I believe working together requires that sort of struggles together. Being together with such students has cause me to feel rather disappointed at this new generation to a certain extend.

  5. and local grads are complaining why its so damn hard for them to find jobs when they graduate...BECAUSE THERE ARE IDIOTS LIKE THOSE YOU MENTION IN THE CAMPUS!!
    just play your part and fulfil your own responsibility...don't bother bout taking care of others business as they themselves don't care...so why should you??

    hope you'll have more responsible groupmates the next time you have your assingments =)

  6. I really don't like people with that kind of attitude..They wanted a higher grade and yet, they do not do their part..and I also don't like those people who cheat especially during exams..grrr...They are nut deserving..Why are there people like them?..I hope they'll soon realize what they're doing..

  7. take a deep breath... relax... :) i know what u feel...i've been through the same experience as yours when i was in college myself..did everything but the credit was for everyone...oh my...it wasnt fair...it wasnt fun..

    hey, thanks for the visit and for leavin a msg...appreciate it :)


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