Making the best out of our lives...

I was just reading this blog from a friend of mine...that it is not the length of life that matters but the depth of it.
Indeed, throughout my entire youth, at times I wonder why is it that I wasted it in the Youth group in church and not spending my time doing things in school, "leaving a legacy behind in my school", like how many of my friends did....William, Wai Hin, Keith, Kee Cheong and others.
At times, I felt I wasted my youth trying to make a difference in the wrong place.
But as I was reflecting on my past, I believe that the years spent in Youth, and how I make the most of it...I should never regret of it despite of the fact that it did not end happily.
Throughout my entire Youth, I think I have been influential and inspirational to many others...and how the lives of many others speak into mine as well. No doubt about it, the commitment and love shown to this family, TIMOTHY cell has left me dry up a little bit as time pass by and how most friendship could easily be forgotten just like that, but still there are many others that has left a great impact in my life.

I think staying in the Youth and serving in the Youth Ministry in church has taught me much and indeed, it is not the length of time that I spend in this Ministry that counts. There are those who are serving in the church for like 20+ years but what is it if that length of time is spent on selfish power and control.

I think there is much depth in my moment in the church ministry....someone who has been there, growing and giving its' best in every single way.

I believe it is indeed time to move on to something and today, I finally could put a closure to this chapter of my life.

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