My birthday...thanks everyone!!

I was a bit exhausted by the time I reached home to Ipoh on Monday, and I knew I'll be going out at night again for my birthday with a bunch of good friends. Miss them lots as I have not been hanging out with them for quite a while.

Anyway, I felt that it's different...the feeling is not the same anymore. It's as if a group of close friends coming to a time when they are going to say Goodbye.

Guys, I really wanna said that things could have change and is different. But I'm still the same Kian Hin. The guy that will stand by your side in times when the world is against you. This is the only assurance I could give you as a friend, as a brother. My birthday wish is really for this friendship to continue to last, and blossom and be a great blessing to many others.

Unwrapping the gifts...guys, I love it lots...means a lot to me

My best pal for life, Jian Yao, Liang Hin, Sam C., Yen Leng (girlfriend), Addie, Me, Alicia Yap
The person who took this photo is Aunty Lindy, a 'spiritual mother' to me in a lot of ways...really appreciate the years spent together.

This was when I went out with my friends. Today I went out with Yen Leng for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3. Maybe she don't know about it but tears were flowing out my eyes as I watched the movie. It reflected on how a lot of my friendship has come to an end as well. Anyway I really enjoy the day with her. Thanks for planning and thinking so much for me. I love you, Yen Leng.

My best birthday gift is that despite of all that's going through in my life, I know you're there for me always.


  1. hey friend...
    happy birthday oh...
    although cant attend ur bday party..
    but anyway all the best...
    when the holiday is coming,
    v only join 2geter...

  2. ah well, i believe that our friendship will last alhough we do not see each other often but that doesnt mean u are not in my daily thoughts=)

  3. ahh happy belated birthday! =)


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