Stuck inside UM....

I felt rather suffocated to be stuck inside UM while I could actually go home if not because of the stupid presentation on Friday.
Nevertheless, I thought why not use this time to edit my blog as well....haha!
I thought of editing the layout but then the thought of creating another blog seems to attract me in a way. Probably thanks to the comment by Evon....loL! Evon was telling me that I should blog more about my own personal life instead of being a little bit too political. I must admit that I was a bit political in a few posting but probably I begin to realize how much it means to take part of the nation's situation.

And that I'm a Malaysian who is also ready to make my stand for democracy rights and to help create a better country.

So, I might just create a blog for political purpose....but then, it's all just part of the thoughts in my mind at the moment. Not much action is taken for now.

Well, before I forgot, I must really thank Evon for waiting for me to go back together on Friday...really appreciate that a lot. My birthday is coming soon....another week...7 more days to go and it will be me becoming 20.

Haha! Anyway I'm just feeling a bit too bored at the moment, stuck inside University Malaya...
Feeling really moody now....

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