After getting back from KL, probably I was too used to busy studying and suddenly not having any of these make it so weird. Nevertheless I have been quite a good driver for my family. Hehe....couldn't wait for tonight...will be watching James Bond, 007, Quantum of Solace.
After that, I shall post my comment.

Well, I couldn't go and celebrate with Jian Yao today as my cousin is staying over in my place. Felt a bit guilty as he was like one of my KAKIS as well.

Anyway wish him a Blessed Birthday here!!

Besides blogging, packing and cleaning up the house a little, as in mopping, I didn't do much. Anyway, I decided since I won't be giving any more tuition classes, I might as well set up a blog that could help those students who are internet savvy.

some content of my blog

I created the blog:

Well, it will be like my third blog fully under my management. I think I can in a way make it really useful for some of the SPM students.

I am only focusing on Physics and Mathematics though for the blog. Well, at the moment it is under construction halfway through but those who are interested might drop by and see if it's useful and helpful. Do drop some comment and let me know how I can improve.

That is my part of blogging. Yesterday went with girlfriend to Tesco to buy something for one of her colleagues who has a baby boy. Well, I must said I don't really like shopping but guess it's good to have some time together under the air-condition. loL!

Besides that, I am also looking forward for another movie, MADAGASCAR 2. "You got to move it, move it!!" Hehe....=P


I really am looking forward for movies, music and sports. I mean I'm so deprived of it when I was studying and teaching tuition for the last few months. OMG! I can't wait to go for jogging this week. I'll have one month plus holiday and I'm going to give myself a good rest....=P

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