Christmas, a season to celebrate!!

Yes, Christmas is just a month away.
I really didn't know how this year gonna be, with so many changes over the last one year.
Here is part of the process while one anticipate Christmas...

The beginning of Christmas mood...

Ok, now what? I'm hopeless at it...someone teach me pls!!!

Yen Leng is busy putting the stars up while the pro (my brother) is looking over the whole process....a thumbs up? I don't think so...

It seems to be going quite smooth now...=P

Oops! the star is broken....I can't believe I couldn't finish setting up the tree...damn the stupid star...have to buy a new one....aiks!!

Well, this year, I ask Yen Leng to set up the Christmas tree together with my brother and I. Really, I want to celebrate this Christmas with a new perspective towards this celebration...cheers!! Santa Claus is coming to town!!


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