Left out...haha! that's me...=P

It's only lately that I realize how left out I've always been. Probably it was in my nature not to follow up with the latest happenings. Anyway, just went through my friend's latest photo albums and I'm like OMG!! So many new friends. Haha!
Let me see...in UM, I only manage to make good friends with erm, 1,2,3......around 10. Haha!
Anyway, it is how one change their focus as they grow up....as for me, I'm more of a "family man" now. Haha! While my friends were busy looking through their books and revising for their exam a week before our final exam the beginning of this month, I was like giving tuition, spending time with family and girlfriend.
Well, it was really kinda depressing at times, especially when you realize that your friends are moving on with a new bunch of buddies that you don't have a clue who they are, you definitely feel left out.
Anyway, I'm really excited bout this holiday...going to see some of my friends again. Miss some of them loads. And then, I'm spending some time getting in tune with music again. Let's say I wanna be playing guitar again.
Btw, gold price is skyrocketing up again...haha! might consider selling it for some profit at the moment. Well, all these are still under plan. Hehe...and yeah, I'm going to pen down some of my thoughts in the form of a story. I'm not good at it but really, I guess I want to do things that I love to do....and all these are part of it.
And this Thursday, class reunion!! haha! Cheers!!

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