Moments together with my classmates, USS1

It seems that life has taken a new direction when one head for adulthood.
No more playing the fool all the time. No more going to school, yum cha, and BBQ...but well, I guess some of us just couldn't let go of the past. That's the USS1 buddies. Today, we meet up in Kinta River....haha! A new place opened next to the river...but OMG....the river is as the dirty as ever. Nevertheless we have our fun time together.
I think probably it was quite some time since we meet up and really, everyone has their own stories to tell. Sometimes it was difficult to relate to people that you have not meet for such a long time but I guess with close buddies, that doesn't make much difference. Really, it would be great if life could stay in such a way as long as we live. Haha! I wonder how long we gonna stay connected but I believe that this friendship will carry with it the memories for as long as we live.
Some people like Tuck Yuan and Yih Yoong that have been missing in action for a long time were there and the feeling of being together is great. I guess studying in Sabah is the right decision for Tuck Yuan. It will definitely be cool for him to be in a new environment with so much fun. =P
As for William, didn't change much I guess for him. He's still the guy who talks about jokes almost all the time, and busy as ever.
Teik Tzuan also didn't seem to have much difference.
Of course, this class reunion was not complete as some important people like Kumara, Jessie, Guo Jian and some others were not present. Haha!
Well, seeing people like Chee Lupp, Hon Meng, Chip, Pei Yin, Benjamin, Hilyan, Kho Kha and the rest really are encouraging.
In all sense, it was really a great time spent together, in a place so near the starting point of this friendship, St. Michael's Institution.
Well, we are going to have another BBQ time at Carey's place on the 14th of December. Haha! Looking forward to it. I can see why our class is special.

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  1. Ya..uss1 is special!
    hehe.v will be keep having gathering until v get old!haha!


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