Quantum of Solace

What would you think of movie that starts from a few cars racing and some gun shots?
That's how the new Bond started.
Continuing from the ending of James Bond, Casino Royale, Bond was on his way to meet M, after capturing Mr. White. Quite a stunning action scene with Bond making a 360 degree turn while trying to get rid of his pursuers. And well, with extra excellent driving skill, Bond managed to kill his pursuers and meet up with M.

The whole movie was about this organization, Quantum and to make it worse, the CIA and British secret agent know nothing about it.
"The first thing you should know about us is that our people are everywhere," said Mr White. And that is when the first shocking truth hit M. Her bodyguard of 5 years and someone she trusted for 8 years was also part of this organization, trying to kill her.

The movie was excellent in a lot of ways...with some flaws though.

And the movie has left some unanswered details as well. As in where is Mr. White at the end? Well, the rather annoying part was the beginning soundtrack. Honestly, it was rather terrible.
Nevertheless, the action skills and intelligence of Craig in playing his role has make the movie worthwhile.
The villains are rather different in some ways, let's say villains are getting smarter nowadays.

Most people will probably argue that Craig has create a Bond that is different from the original but if we were to look at it from another perspective, he has create a Bond that is more human, and yes, more realistic.

British super spy, James Bond is someone with emotion, and could be moved and motivated by self emotion as well. Look at this Bond, you will find similarity with Jason Bourne from Bourne Ultimatum. A killing machine, seeking for some truth and full of vengeance.

Overall, I still think that Craig plays a better Bond than the previous others.

Now that James Bond is done, next is MADAGASCAR 2, ESCAPE TO AFRICA!!


  1. I have not watch this movie yet and it already sound great

  2. eh sure anot? i heard my neighbours said the movie suck balls. haha. and i was like lucky i din go, else 11dollars gone to drain :P :P

    keep the posts coming!

  3. Quantum of Solace is entertaining at least... a fantastic job with the styling and picture quality, but the movie as a whole could stand to lose six or seven fewer chase scenes

  4. thanx for visiting my blog:) i love quantum of solace better than any other bond movies before..

  5. I know that there are many complaints against Quantum of Solace but I found out that really, the whole movie only turns out to be different from other Bonds which is why so many are unhappy. Firstly, Craig is not the kind of Bond that only flirts with girls and have sex. In a way, it is true because from Casino Royale, we all see a hurt Bond trying to take vengeance for his loved ones in this episode. You can't possibly expect a man who has just been hurt and emotionally unstable to be flirting and having sex all the time right? Even a superspy will need to be human at times.
    I guess another flaws that Craig has is that he ain't as good looking as some of the previous Bonds but we have one Bond who has the body shape and really, that is hardwork.
    The effort put in by him definitely has contribute to the reality effect of the movie.
    I only hope that the critics will learn to see the "ordinary Bond" doing the extraordinary things...a normal spy doing the super job...isn't that a cooler Bond??


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